Anastasiou brewery ​​​​is a small brewpub located in Athens Greece. It produces and sells fresh beer at its brewpub and few select cans and bottles under the name of the owner Fotis Anastasiou. The branding draws inspiration from the period in which the first  breweries appeared in Greece, around the late 19th century, and before mass beer production took over.  
The locality of production has been enhanced through the use of Greek language in the titles and descriptions of beers, in a market where English language is dominant . The logotypes are based on variations of the Greek initials of the owner, the letters Alpha and Phi, as well as a version of the full written name. 
Highly informational and detailed tap images where designed for use inside the brewpub. The objective was to convey the brand identity of the packaging as a whole whithin the brewpub where the packaging is generaly absent.
One-off label designs also aim to convey the vintage aesthetic of the brand but with a more illustrative approach. ​​​​​​​ The labels range from lower priced highly consumed cans to rare barrel-aged premium bottles.