A paragon refers to a model of excellence, symbolizing the highest standard against which other things are judged. Paragon Brewery aims to do exactly that: craft unparalleled beer to be sold in its taproom located in the south of Athens, Greece. The brewery and taproom are housed within a renovated old machine workshop, providing the design process with ample inspiration as it retains its original vintage industrial charm, with cranes and machinery spread out across the premises. The logotype was based on the architectural plans within the brewery, with the shape containing the primary logo resembling the arches that separate the brewery from the taproom. Additionally, a series of secondary logotypes and symbols were designed to enhance the industrial character of the space, drawing inspiration from geometric shapes and grids found within the brewery. Furthermore, the process of crafting Paragon Brewery’s brand identity included the development of packaging designs for its flagship beers. The labels aim to convey the vintage aesthetic of the brewery by depicting patent illustrations of machines that inspired the label art. In addition, a series of tap badges for their draught beers was designed. Similarly to the packaging, the badges are inspired by vintage machinery but with a simplistic approach. The majority of names are inspired by engineering or machinery glossary to enhance the brand narrative.